The Iron Highway

Ambushing the Ambushers

Korra Human Aristocrat/Gun Mage played by Nigel
Wolfgang Human Cutthroat/Soldier played by John
Enock Nyss Ranger/Urban Nomad played by Troy

Last time the party had stirred up the Bogrin camp, and started to lead them back to the train. Unfortunately Hogsnort fell while running thru the thick undergrowth, hit his head and was knocked out cold. Luckily he was hidden by the ferns so the bogrin completely missed him.
(Mark couldnt make this session)

Meanwhile back at the train, Wolfgang awoke from his drunken stupor, and got reading for the ambush by marshalling the labour jack fixing the railroad.
(John was absent last session, but made it this time)

Korra and Enock occasionally fired upon the pursuing bogrin to keep them interested. They made it back to the train unharmed.
As soon as the bogrin burst from the forest into the clearing around the railway line, the ambush was sprung! Rifle fire poured into their ranks. The chaingun started up, throwing a hail of lead right in the bogrin vanguard. This provided serious Covering Fire, which the momentum of the bogrin made hard to avoid.
Korra, Enock and Wolfgang lead the counter attack against the survivors. A desperate melee developed around Enock, Wolfgang and the bogrin Shaman and his bodyguards. Enock was severely wounded (reduced to 1 damage point), Wolfgang ordered the jack to get the Shaman. The jack squashed the little bugger with its large fist.
Korra helped out the other Merenaries where she could, helping to put down the bogrin Warlord.
The Mercenaries and train crew were victorious, the bogrin were completely wiped out
But this victory was not without cost. Two of their fellow mercs were killed during the some pretty desperate fighting. One soldier dropped to the ground in the middle of a melee, so the Chaingun could mow down his opponents. Great plan, except the Chaingun couldnt his the broardside of a Colossal!

Once the dust had settled and the wounded seen to, the party returned to the bogrin village to search the settlement. Along the way they found Hogsnort lying in the undergrowth, they roused him from his slumber and continued along.
In the Warlords hut they found a short letter, written in Cygnarian.

“To whom it may concern,
Present this letter to the Quartermaster of the Caspian Rail Society, at the Caspian Rail Society offices, 34 Pit Street, Steelwater Flats. Upon presentation you shall recive the balance of payment for services rendered.


The letter is signed by an unknown person, with a very hard to read signature. It is also stamped with the CRS logo.


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