The Iron Highway

Cool guys dont look at explosions

Wolfgang Human Cutthroat/Soldier played by John
Korra Human Aristocrat/Gun Mage played by Nigel
Hogsnort Rupert Human Knight/Priest (Morrow) played by Mark
Eric Johns HUman Soldier/Trencher– Justin
Enock Nyss Ranger/Urban Nomad played by Troy

A full crew for the first time! Yaaa! :-)

Last time we left the party, they were awaiting to ambush some force coming their way in the caverns connecting the Dwarven mine they were contracted to clear.
They spread out to either side of the tunnel entrance and braced themselves for combat. As soon as the troop of Dregg came into view they opened fire. Eric lobed a grenade down the tunnel, killing three, Korra shot one, and that didn’t leave very many for cleanup. Eric got charged, but managed to Parry his way out of combat, so Enock, Hogsnort could charge in. No one to be left out of the action, Wolfgang threw his axes into the fray, just as Hogsnort charged the same Dregg. The first axe flew wide, but the second hit Hogsnort square in the back. Luckily it bounced off harmlessly, unable to penetrate his heavy armour.
Hogsnort had a word or two with Wolfgang after the combat.
With that lot mopped up, they continued to explore the twisting and turning tunnel system (much to the frustration of Johns mapping, hehe). Following the trickle of water on the floor of the tunnel, they came upon another cavern. Here, nine Dregg held three dwarves captive. The party were ordered to put out their light and drop their weapons. They complied with the first order (two members having True Sight), but did not on the second. Enock charged into the fray, calving a foe nearly in half (Mighty archtype on the charge!), a hail of gun fire and spells dropped Dregg left and right. Hogsnorts Radient Burst was particularly effective, not harming the dwarves at all and the bright light greatly hurting the Dregg.
A rather large Dregg led several in a charge into the bulk of the party, grouped together at the entrance. Wounding Korra and Eric. One started killing prisoners.
Wolfgang and Hogsnort worked together this time to take down several foes. Wolfgang clearing the way for Hogsnorts maul to slam opponents into the wall.
Korra showed off her skill with her Rapier, while Eric shot targets of opportunity.
Altogether, it was a quick, bloody, yet efficient fight.

Two of the three dwarves were saved, and the party came into the possession of several weapons, and a pitiful amount of gold.
The two dwarves were very thankful to be rescued and informed them that the other captives had been painfully put of death in front of them. They started to escort the dwarves back to the mine entrance.
A noise in a side tunnel alerted them, Enock and Korra went to investigate while the rest escorted the dwarves back. Enock and Korra discovered another dwarf down a tunnel, working away at a ore face. He seemed little odd, and when they tried to conversve with him, discovered his mouth full of gravel and back ooze. Enocks claymore carved into its side but not enough to kill it (a first) The dwarf promptly tried to vomit gravel into Enocks mouth, but failed, and a well placed shot from Korra put the undead creature down for good.
Once the dwarves were back with their fellows, the heading back into the mine on last time to completely explore it and make sure all threats were removed. They quickly discovered the final tunnel leading out of the cavern where the captives were, ran a short way to the surface, coming out behind a large waterfall.
Satisfied that their job was done they headed back. But Wolfgang and Eric decided to blast the tunnel to make it secure. (Any excuse for making large explosions if you ask me). They grabbed some powder from the store room, set it in place, lit the fuse and ran like buggery! The explosion wasn’t a good as they expected, as they didn’t use even amounts of red and black blasting powder, but the tunnel was collapsed as planned.


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