The Iron Highway

Ghost in the Machine

Players for this session:
Wolfgang Human Cutthroat/Soldier played by John
Korra Human Aristocrat/Gun Mage played by Nigel
Hogsnort Rupert Human Knight/Priest (Morrow) played by Mark

Again a light crew, but the first appearance of Marks character, yaaa.

So when we left the party they had just found the corpse of a dwarven miner. One other thing they noticed about the body, the mouth was filled with gravel and a black ichor. Freaky!
So Enock (in his abscene) carted the body back to the entrance.
The party continued to explore the mine complex. Heading down the tunnel they entered a mining gallery, where various short shaft had been cut into the rock to retrieve ore. After exploring several of these, they stumbled across the Onkar. It was unsure of them to begin with, but once Korra spoke some Rhulic, and they fed it some metal, it was much happier. They enticed it back to the entrance, where the dwarves were very glad to see it again.
Returning to the mine proper, they continued to explore another gallery set. This time they discovered what appeared to be a breakthrough into another tunnel. This tunnel was a very different colour to the pervious mine workings, an almost white colour, very smooth and wet.
They double backed from here to explore the final dwarven section of the mine. This time they found another supply room. Here thou, they door had been smashed in, and two dwarven bodies were inside. The supply room contained coal, water and blasting powder. One dwarf had been shot, the other stabbed. Quite different wounds from the previous corpse. These bodies were also transported to the entrance by Enock.
Continuing on, they entered another gallery, and down on tunnel here they discovered a mining jack. It was stationary, its boiler long having run out of coal and water. First job, get it fired up again. Wolfgang put his new skill with jacks to use and got her up and running again. It immediately started to mine the ore face. I did not respond to Wolfgangs commands, but when Korra spoke to it in Rhulic, it stopped. They managed to command it to come out of the tunnel and turn around, where it promptly tried to attack them!
Not wanting to annoy it by attacking back, nor get in range of its punching spike or mattock, they beat a hasty retreat. Korra ran back to the entrance and asked the dwarves for override codes, returning, she employed these on the jack, getting it to stop. When they got close it again tried to attack them. When the commands were shouted it again, it looked like it tried to obey, but it resisted. In desperation, Korra dived past the jack, and threw a pistol round into the firebox, in the hope of extinguishing the furnace. The small blast slightly damaged the furnace, enough to force a Machine Wraith from the jack!
A Machine Wraith is a ghostly creature that possesses jacks and turns them on the living. Korra’s Magelock pistol rang out, damaging the creature, but not as much as she expected. Hogsnorts divine power nearly annilihilated the Wraith, one final shot from Korra finished it off. Phewl!
The jack was then obedient, and returned to the entrance with no further problems.
There remained only one more thing to do, explore the new tunnel. Stepping thru the breach, they noticed how smooth and damp this tunnel was, it curved around into a large cavern where they managed to sport a creature lying in ambush. It fired its rifle but missed, Korra’s return shot did not. The corpse of the creature was very unusual, skin stretched thin over bones, a large protruding muzzle. A creature known as a Dregg. The sound of shouted voices and hurried movement greeted them from another tunnel. The shots had been heard, and the enemy were on their way…..


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