The Iron Highway

Just dont make a mess...

Korra Human Aristocrat/Gun Mage played by Nigel
Wolfgang Human Cutthroat/Soldier played by John
Enock Nyss Ranger/Urban Nomad played by Troy

With the letter in hand, the party returned to the train, to make the return journey to Orven.
Once they train arrived in Orven station, they party and fellow mercs carried their fallen comrades back to their barracks, where an honor guard were waiting to meet them.
Cpt Garrity welcomed them back, but reminded everyone that they were in dangerous line of work and events like these came with the territory.
He then debriefed the party in his office. Joining them was Artis Denby.
Korra lead the debrief, giving a through reports of the recon on the bogrin village, thier ambush and the investigation of the village.
Upon reading the letter found in the Warlords hut, Artis Denby burst into a furious rage. Calling for immediate action from Cpt Garrity to lead a reprisal against the CRS for their blatant and unlawful ations. Cpt Garrity called for a more reasoned approach, perhaps with some further investigation before starting a private war against the CRS.
Wolfgang mentioned that Cpt Garrity new some of the mercenaires currently working for CRS. A revalation that did not go down well with Mr Denby. Cpt Garrity explained that he served in the army with Brunner Kerrigan but had nothing to do with him since then.
Enock and Wolfgang grew tired of the discussion and asked to be dismissed. Once dismissed, they conferred in the hall outside, coming up with a plan to approach Mr Denby afterwards and offer their own personal services in the pursuit of retribution.
Once the debrief ended, Enock and Wolfgang offered to escort Mr Denby back to his estate. Along the way they tried to offer him their services but perhaps due to not speaking his native tounge, Wolfgang passed a comment that sounded awefully like he was threateningMr Denby. The conversation ended abruptly, and they returned to their barracks.

The next day, Cpt Garrity called them to his office. He talked to them about Mr Denbys point of view, and how he wished for some action. He then wished them all the best on their weeks holiday.
“Just done make a mess…of your barracks that is” cough


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