The Iron Highway

Session 1 - Maiden Voyage Part 1

3rd Feb
Most of the evening was taken up with Character Creation, but at the end of it we still had some time so we lauched into the story.

The party consists of the following:
Korra, a well to do human lady, with a like of spells and guns (Gun Mage/Aristocrat), played by Nigel.
Enock, a male Nyss looking to use his wilderness skills in his new environment (Ranger / Urban Nomad), played by Troy.
Gundar, a male Cygnarian who is out to make his fortune soldiering (Ranger/Rifleman), played by Justin
Wolfgang, a male Khard, far from his homeland, but looking to earn some coin with his axe. (Cutthroat/Soldier), played by John.
Mark and Logan were unable to join us for this session.

The other thing the players needed to sort out was a name for their Mercenary Company. After several minutes of throwing around random and combined names, one came up which everyone liked – Kingdom Express.
Yes, that’s right, this campaign just went Futurama!
Hmm guess that makes me Professor Farnsworth.
“Good news everyone, you have to deliver this enema to Lord Toruk”

Kingdom Express is based in Orven, a mining town in the central mountains of Cygnar.
After breakfast one morning, the company is called to assemble in the exercise yard by Cpt Garrity, their commanding officer.
“Men, I have some good to news to share. We have won a lucrative new contract, one that will be an excellent opportunity for each and everyone one of you, and the Company as a whole. We will now be providing security for Steelwater Rail. From now on, every Steelwater Rail train that steams between Orven and Caspia will have a contingent of Kingdom Express on board.
Accompanying Cpt Garrity, was Artis Denby, from Steelwater Rail. Who welcomed the company aboard.
The party was scheduled to guard the Lodestone on its trip from Orven to Steelwater Flats the next day.
The next day they boarded the train, and met the crew, led by Chief Engineer Morgan Shedwick
Morgan briefed them on the travel plan, taking ore down the line, overnighting in Steelwater and returning with blasting powder then next day.
The barracks car with crows nest is just behind the engine and coal car.
The trip down to Steelwater Flats is quite scenic, but takes around 8 hours, with a short stop in the underground mining city of Ironhead Station.
The trip is uneventuful. Pro tip – take goggles when in the crows nest.

On arrival in Steelwater Flats, the train is unloaded. Korra sights a shadow under the rear of the train, which puts them on alert, but it turns out to just be a street urchin looking for food.
Once unloaded the crew head to The Wandering Jack for a few ales. The Kingdom Express accompany them, with orders for Cpt Garrity, to be friendly but keep the drinks on the low key side.
When they enter The Wandering Jack, Cpt Garrity, is hailed by a table of Mercenaries. It turns out to be an old war budddy of his, Brunner Kerrigan and his merc crew (Vasili, Tassar, Gil, Emeil, Delvar). Wolfgang joins Vasili ( a fellow Khadoan) for a few drinks)
After a meal, they notice that one of the engineers has left the tavern, Conor. Shedwick says he gone to “purchase the company of a lady for the evening”. Enock looks outside for Conor, sees him having an argument on a street corner with a lady, then disspears down an alley with her.
He signals the others, and is joined by Korra, and Gundar. As they approach the alley, 5 shadow move in around Conor……

GMs thoughts: Alot of talk on my part, setting the scene for the campaign. Sorry, not much action lads, but that will change.


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