The Iron Highway

Session 2 - Skiggs on a M***********g Train

Player for this session:
Enock Nyss Ranger/Urban Nomad played by Troy
Gundar Human Ranger/Rifleman played by Justin
Wolfgang Human Cutthroat/Soldier played by John
Korra Human Aristocrat/Gun Mage played by Nigel
Mark was unable to make this session, and Logan will not be able to game with us for the next month or so.

So when last we left the party, they were on the scene of a ‘transaction for female company’ which went pear shaped.
Not ones to take things easy, Gundar rocked up with his rifle and blew the head off the first mugger. The prostitute grabbed her customer and stabbed him, Connor went down bleeding. In the distance, the call for the Town Watch went up. The rest of the combat was short and bloody, very quickly dead criminals filled the alleyway, with the party bearly taking a scratch.
Battlefield triage was applied to Connor, enough to stabilise him.
Not wanting to answer awkward questions with the Watch, the party legged it back towards The Wandering Jack. But they weren’t quick enough, the Watch spotted them. After answering said awkward questions, they found out that the thugs were from a well known gang called the Dragonfish. The prositute was called Josephine, her and her brother run the gang.
Luckily there was a bounty on her head, making the party 100gc richer.
Back at The Wandering Jack, Shedwick gave Connor a good slapping (“Keep it in your pants boy”)and they all retired to the accomodation house for the evening.
Korra got up early to collect the bounty, the rest of the party had breakfast and headed to the train to start the prep for the return journey to Orven. This time they were hauling a load of blasting powder and alchemicals for the mines.
After an uneventful first half of the journey, they stopped at Ironhead Station, and collected a passenger car full of miners. Korra and Wolfgang joined the miners, while Cpt Garrity and Enock kept watch from the crowsnest of the barracks car.
About half way to Orven, a sudden explosion rocked the train, saving Wolfgang from a game of dice that had gone horribly wrong.
They were quick to rush to investigate the cause. Korra and Wolfgang moved forwards along the train, Enock and Gundar moved towards the rear. Five cars stood between the two halves of the party. Each group found nothing in the first two cars they each searched, but when they came to opposite ends of the last car, they knew the trouble had to be there. Opening the door of the final car carrying blasting powder, they saw over turned and empty barrels, blasting powder scattered everywhere, and a score of Skiggs.
Skiggs are funny little creatures unique to the Iron Kingdoms, they used to be fairly common, they were even house pets at one stage. Rodent likke creatures about the size of a small dog. They have one major problem, they love to east blasting powder, its like catnip for them. Oh and once they’ve eaten some powder, they have a tendency to go BOOM if shaken, stirred or hit repeatedly with sharp or blunt opjects. Uh oh.
Not ones too back down, they waded in into the car and started braining Skiggs. Enock hit the first one which promptly blew up in his face. Luckily there was no powder nearby, and that explosion killed another Skigg but also injured Gundar. A nearby Skigg attacked Gundar, but didn’t injure him, nearly ate his ammunition. The party quickly stowed there powder outside the car
This combat was very different to the last one, the party were severely out numbered and essentially playing eack-a-landmine in a powder room. It was very tense. Every time I rolled to see if the Skigg would explode, the room went silent.
Luckily no more Skiggs exploded.
They did get decidedly feral thou, severely mauling several party members. Their little bites were coming so thick and fast that Gundar went down under a pile of the little blighters.
Once the car was cleared, the desperate task of stabilising Gundar began. Time was running out, was his lifeblood poured from his body form a hundred tiny bites. After a few failed attempts, Wolfgang, Korra and Enock just managed to stabilise him.
Gundar received some severve scarring, but with a decent amount of time to recover, he should be fighting fit again.
Investigating the car, they found several barrels that contained no blasting powder, but plenty of Skigg crap and lots of scratch marks. Under the like of one of these barrels was the initials CRS.
After reporting this all back to Cpt Garrity, the Captain, mentioned his old war buddy, Brunner Kerrigan had just won a contract to provide security for the Caspian Rail Society. Hmmmm
A very relived crew, passengers and party arrived safely at Orven station.
The miners gave the party a round of applause and a few bottles of spirits for their good work.
Cpt Garrity and Morgan Shedwick both offered to shout the first round of drinks at The Boiler Room, the train crews local.
Much excessive drinking was had by all.


Time to get drunk. the party needs a all clear and I one of you signal I vote for whooop whooop whooop. (think Zoiberg’s sound)

izza111s izza111s

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