The Iron Highway

The Party who kicked a Hornets Nest

Korra Human Aristocrat/Gun Mage played by Nigel
Hogsnort Rupert Human Knight/Priest (Morrow) played by Mark
Enock Nyss Ranger/Urban Nomad played by Troy

After an overnight rest (for some) at the barracks, the squad met up with the other team that would accompany them on the train to repair the tracks. These boys were bringing something special with them, a Chaingun!
Enock had spent an uneasy night in the barracks car, but luckily nothing untoward happened. The train this time had a flatbed full of railway sleepers and railway iron to repair the tracks, as well as a labourjack to deal with the heavy lifting, cutting and welding. Some extra engineers were also along for the ride too.

The train steamed uneventfully to the ambush site. Shedwick blew the whiste to run off some wovles that were feasting on the bogrin from yesterday’s ambush. Once the area was check by the party and deemed all clear, the engineering crew fired up the jack and got to work repairing the tracks. The Chaingun was setup on the barracks car to provide heavy covering fire if needed.
The party then went into the forest to follow the tracks of the ambushing bogrin. Enock had no trouble picking up their trail by the felled tree. The other team stayed to guard the train.
Once into the forest, the party tracked the bogrin for several miles, crossed a small stream and managed to spot a sentry. The sentry tried to hide from them in the hope of returning to camp unseen once the party had past. But unluckily for him, the party were sharp eyed. The sentry was taken captive at gun point and they retreated back down to the stream to interrogate their prisoner. Unfortunately for them, this wild bogrin spoke no civilised languages and nobody spoke his. So the plan was then to tie him up and leave him.
So who’s got the rope? No one? A party of adventures and no rope?
Then began the debate of what to with this prisoner, letting him go would put the recon mission and the train in danger. But to kill a prisoner in cold blood? The debate was ended by Hogsnorts dagger. Not what anyone wanted to do, but what needed to be done?

Back on the trail, they came close of a clearing with another two sentries standing guard. In the clearing were 10 bivouacs and 3 small huts. Numerous bogrin could be seen in the camp.
Enock hunkered down into a nice hiding spot to keep watch, while Hogsnort and Korra returned to the train to set a plan of their own in action. After conferring with the other team, and the train engineers, the plan was to stir up the camp and lead them back to the train where they could use the Chaingun and the other team, and even the labourjack to break the back of this ambush camp.

The trap set, Korra and Hogsnort returned to Enocks hide, but Enock was gone!
Enock had decided to do some further investigation of his own. He sidled around the side of the cleared, with the aim of getting access to the three huts at the back of the clearing. Unfortunately, about two thirds of the way there he came across another sentry. The sentry was alerted by a noise, moved to investigated but Enock stayed still and the sentry returned to his post. Enock proceeded to sneak up on the sentry until he was close enough to charge, bringing his Nyss Claymore whistling through the air, to strike the tree trunk just above the bogrins head. The sentry quickly slashed Enocks chest before beating a hasty retreat to raise the alarm. As he entered the clearing, he was shot by a silenced pistol short from Korra.
Arriving back mintues before, Hogsnort and Korra could not find Enock in his hiding spot, and a quick search of the close area show no sign of him at all. They decided to press on with the plan, despite the missing Nyss. Silently taking out the two sentries, they spotted the one that had got away from Enock and started to sliently pick off bogrin in the camp. Hogsnort aimed his crossbow at one of the huts. The flaming bolt would set the hut on fire. It would be an easy shot, he couldn’t miss from here. Surely?
Not if his bow string snaps. (Mark rolled snake eyes! The only way he could miss)
By this time the alarm had finally been raised and bogrin were arming themselves, firing wildly into the trees and their shaman and chief were organising them. Korra winged the shaman, but once he got a protective spell going, Korra’s shots became less effective.
Enock looped around to link up with Korra and Hogsnort, and they began to fall back to the train.


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