The Iron Highway

The story of Garry Gorax

Wolfgang Human Cutthroat/Soldier played by John
Korra Human Aristocrat/Gun Mage played by Nigel
Hogsnort Rupert Human Knight/Priest (Morrow) played by Mark
Eric Johns HUman Soldier/Trencher– Justin
Enock Nyss Ranger/Urban Nomad played by Troy

All present and accounted for!

Once upon a time there was a Gorax named Garry. He enjoyed ambling thru the forests around Lake Rimmocksdale, smelling flowers in the glades and eating random adventurers.
One day, he came across a tribe of Bogrin (wild Gobbers). These Bogrin offered Garry meat and mead. They became fast friends. Garry would hunt with them, and they would share in the kill. He would protect them from other predators. Life was good for all.
One day the Bogrin told Garry that two long metal snakes had been calling him names. Saying he was weak and the metal snakes were stronger. This enraged Garry, he found the metal snakes in the forest, and broke and bent the stilly things. Garry WAS stronger than the silly snakes!
Soon a loud noise could be heard coming closer. The Bogrin told Garry a big beast that was good to eat was coming, and they wanted to kill it to feed the tribe. Garry agreed and waited with the Bogrin to ambush this beast. The beast moved on top of the metal snakes with a huge cloud of smoke coming from its mouth. Once it stopped by the broken snakes, Garry ran forward to kill the beast, pounding on its head. The Bogrin also charged forward attacking the man-things that rode on its back. Garry was stung by some big, fast bees. This made him even ANGRIER, as the beast wasn’t dying and it hurt his fists to punch it. Frustrated, he turned upon the nearest man thing and smashed it good. More man things came up to Garry and struck him. One with no hair on his head and funny hair on this face smashed Garry with a club.
And that was the end of Garry.

Wolfgang gave an excited shout of victory as the Gorax fell to his mighty blow! The Gobber ambush had been wiped out, the train was safe despite the broken rails and the pounding the Gorax had given the engine. The load of silver ingots was still secure in its reinforced wagon. The tree that fell behind the train was being removed by Enock and Hogsnort, the bodies of their foes had been removed of any vaulables, but they didn’t hold a lot of value, so Wolfgang decided to take a trophy home with him. Luckily there was a flatbed wagon as part of the train. It was a bit of a job hauling the Gorax carcass onto the flatbed and tying it down, but he eventually got it done.
The train then proceeded slowly backwads to Orven. They would be back the next day with a repair crew to get the rail line fixed, and the trains moving again. Plenty of time to find a taxidermist to stuff the Gorax!


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