The Iron Highway

Just dont make a mess...

Korra Human Aristocrat/Gun Mage played by Nigel
Wolfgang Human Cutthroat/Soldier played by John
Enock Nyss Ranger/Urban Nomad played by Troy

With the letter in hand, the party returned to the train, to make the return journey to Orven.
Once they train arrived in Orven station, they party and fellow mercs carried their fallen comrades back to their barracks, where an honor guard were waiting to meet them.
Cpt Garrity welcomed them back, but reminded everyone that they were in dangerous line of work and events like these came with the territory.
He then debriefed the party in his office. Joining them was Artis Denby.
Korra lead the debrief, giving a through reports of the recon on the bogrin village, thier ambush and the investigation of the village.
Upon reading the letter found in the Warlords hut, Artis Denby burst into a furious rage. Calling for immediate action from Cpt Garrity to lead a reprisal against the CRS for their blatant and unlawful ations. Cpt Garrity called for a more reasoned approach, perhaps with some further investigation before starting a private war against the CRS.
Wolfgang mentioned that Cpt Garrity new some of the mercenaires currently working for CRS. A revalation that did not go down well with Mr Denby. Cpt Garrity explained that he served in the army with Brunner Kerrigan but had nothing to do with him since then.
Enock and Wolfgang grew tired of the discussion and asked to be dismissed. Once dismissed, they conferred in the hall outside, coming up with a plan to approach Mr Denby afterwards and offer their own personal services in the pursuit of retribution.
Once the debrief ended, Enock and Wolfgang offered to escort Mr Denby back to his estate. Along the way they tried to offer him their services but perhaps due to not speaking his native tounge, Wolfgang passed a comment that sounded awefully like he was threateningMr Denby. The conversation ended abruptly, and they returned to their barracks.

The next day, Cpt Garrity called them to his office. He talked to them about Mr Denbys point of view, and how he wished for some action. He then wished them all the best on their weeks holiday.
“Just done make a mess…of your barracks that is” cough

Ambushing the Ambushers

Korra Human Aristocrat/Gun Mage played by Nigel
Wolfgang Human Cutthroat/Soldier played by John
Enock Nyss Ranger/Urban Nomad played by Troy

Last time the party had stirred up the Bogrin camp, and started to lead them back to the train. Unfortunately Hogsnort fell while running thru the thick undergrowth, hit his head and was knocked out cold. Luckily he was hidden by the ferns so the bogrin completely missed him.
(Mark couldnt make this session)

Meanwhile back at the train, Wolfgang awoke from his drunken stupor, and got reading for the ambush by marshalling the labour jack fixing the railroad.
(John was absent last session, but made it this time)

Korra and Enock occasionally fired upon the pursuing bogrin to keep them interested. They made it back to the train unharmed.
As soon as the bogrin burst from the forest into the clearing around the railway line, the ambush was sprung! Rifle fire poured into their ranks. The chaingun started up, throwing a hail of lead right in the bogrin vanguard. This provided serious Covering Fire, which the momentum of the bogrin made hard to avoid.
Korra, Enock and Wolfgang lead the counter attack against the survivors. A desperate melee developed around Enock, Wolfgang and the bogrin Shaman and his bodyguards. Enock was severely wounded (reduced to 1 damage point), Wolfgang ordered the jack to get the Shaman. The jack squashed the little bugger with its large fist.
Korra helped out the other Merenaries where she could, helping to put down the bogrin Warlord.
The Mercenaries and train crew were victorious, the bogrin were completely wiped out
But this victory was not without cost. Two of their fellow mercs were killed during the some pretty desperate fighting. One soldier dropped to the ground in the middle of a melee, so the Chaingun could mow down his opponents. Great plan, except the Chaingun couldnt his the broardside of a Colossal!

Once the dust had settled and the wounded seen to, the party returned to the bogrin village to search the settlement. Along the way they found Hogsnort lying in the undergrowth, they roused him from his slumber and continued along.
In the Warlords hut they found a short letter, written in Cygnarian.

“To whom it may concern,
Present this letter to the Quartermaster of the Caspian Rail Society, at the Caspian Rail Society offices, 34 Pit Street, Steelwater Flats. Upon presentation you shall recive the balance of payment for services rendered.


The letter is signed by an unknown person, with a very hard to read signature. It is also stamped with the CRS logo.

The Party who kicked a Hornets Nest

Korra Human Aristocrat/Gun Mage played by Nigel
Hogsnort Rupert Human Knight/Priest (Morrow) played by Mark
Enock Nyss Ranger/Urban Nomad played by Troy

After an overnight rest (for some) at the barracks, the squad met up with the other team that would accompany them on the train to repair the tracks. These boys were bringing something special with them, a Chaingun!
Enock had spent an uneasy night in the barracks car, but luckily nothing untoward happened. The train this time had a flatbed full of railway sleepers and railway iron to repair the tracks, as well as a labourjack to deal with the heavy lifting, cutting and welding. Some extra engineers were also along for the ride too.

The train steamed uneventfully to the ambush site. Shedwick blew the whiste to run off some wovles that were feasting on the bogrin from yesterday’s ambush. Once the area was check by the party and deemed all clear, the engineering crew fired up the jack and got to work repairing the tracks. The Chaingun was setup on the barracks car to provide heavy covering fire if needed.
The party then went into the forest to follow the tracks of the ambushing bogrin. Enock had no trouble picking up their trail by the felled tree. The other team stayed to guard the train.
Once into the forest, the party tracked the bogrin for several miles, crossed a small stream and managed to spot a sentry. The sentry tried to hide from them in the hope of returning to camp unseen once the party had past. But unluckily for him, the party were sharp eyed. The sentry was taken captive at gun point and they retreated back down to the stream to interrogate their prisoner. Unfortunately for them, this wild bogrin spoke no civilised languages and nobody spoke his. So the plan was then to tie him up and leave him.
So who’s got the rope? No one? A party of adventures and no rope?
Then began the debate of what to with this prisoner, letting him go would put the recon mission and the train in danger. But to kill a prisoner in cold blood? The debate was ended by Hogsnorts dagger. Not what anyone wanted to do, but what needed to be done?

Back on the trail, they came close of a clearing with another two sentries standing guard. In the clearing were 10 bivouacs and 3 small huts. Numerous bogrin could be seen in the camp.
Enock hunkered down into a nice hiding spot to keep watch, while Hogsnort and Korra returned to the train to set a plan of their own in action. After conferring with the other team, and the train engineers, the plan was to stir up the camp and lead them back to the train where they could use the Chaingun and the other team, and even the labourjack to break the back of this ambush camp.

The trap set, Korra and Hogsnort returned to Enocks hide, but Enock was gone!
Enock had decided to do some further investigation of his own. He sidled around the side of the cleared, with the aim of getting access to the three huts at the back of the clearing. Unfortunately, about two thirds of the way there he came across another sentry. The sentry was alerted by a noise, moved to investigated but Enock stayed still and the sentry returned to his post. Enock proceeded to sneak up on the sentry until he was close enough to charge, bringing his Nyss Claymore whistling through the air, to strike the tree trunk just above the bogrins head. The sentry quickly slashed Enocks chest before beating a hasty retreat to raise the alarm. As he entered the clearing, he was shot by a silenced pistol short from Korra.
Arriving back mintues before, Hogsnort and Korra could not find Enock in his hiding spot, and a quick search of the close area show no sign of him at all. They decided to press on with the plan, despite the missing Nyss. Silently taking out the two sentries, they spotted the one that had got away from Enock and started to sliently pick off bogrin in the camp. Hogsnort aimed his crossbow at one of the huts. The flaming bolt would set the hut on fire. It would be an easy shot, he couldn’t miss from here. Surely?
Not if his bow string snaps. (Mark rolled snake eyes! The only way he could miss)
By this time the alarm had finally been raised and bogrin were arming themselves, firing wildly into the trees and their shaman and chief were organising them. Korra winged the shaman, but once he got a protective spell going, Korra’s shots became less effective.
Enock looped around to link up with Korra and Hogsnort, and they began to fall back to the train.

The story of Garry Gorax

Wolfgang Human Cutthroat/Soldier played by John
Korra Human Aristocrat/Gun Mage played by Nigel
Hogsnort Rupert Human Knight/Priest (Morrow) played by Mark
Eric Johns HUman Soldier/Trencher– Justin
Enock Nyss Ranger/Urban Nomad played by Troy

All present and accounted for!

Once upon a time there was a Gorax named Garry. He enjoyed ambling thru the forests around Lake Rimmocksdale, smelling flowers in the glades and eating random adventurers.
One day, he came across a tribe of Bogrin (wild Gobbers). These Bogrin offered Garry meat and mead. They became fast friends. Garry would hunt with them, and they would share in the kill. He would protect them from other predators. Life was good for all.
One day the Bogrin told Garry that two long metal snakes had been calling him names. Saying he was weak and the metal snakes were stronger. This enraged Garry, he found the metal snakes in the forest, and broke and bent the stilly things. Garry WAS stronger than the silly snakes!
Soon a loud noise could be heard coming closer. The Bogrin told Garry a big beast that was good to eat was coming, and they wanted to kill it to feed the tribe. Garry agreed and waited with the Bogrin to ambush this beast. The beast moved on top of the metal snakes with a huge cloud of smoke coming from its mouth. Once it stopped by the broken snakes, Garry ran forward to kill the beast, pounding on its head. The Bogrin also charged forward attacking the man-things that rode on its back. Garry was stung by some big, fast bees. This made him even ANGRIER, as the beast wasn’t dying and it hurt his fists to punch it. Frustrated, he turned upon the nearest man thing and smashed it good. More man things came up to Garry and struck him. One with no hair on his head and funny hair on this face smashed Garry with a club.
And that was the end of Garry.

Wolfgang gave an excited shout of victory as the Gorax fell to his mighty blow! The Gobber ambush had been wiped out, the train was safe despite the broken rails and the pounding the Gorax had given the engine. The load of silver ingots was still secure in its reinforced wagon. The tree that fell behind the train was being removed by Enock and Hogsnort, the bodies of their foes had been removed of any vaulables, but they didn’t hold a lot of value, so Wolfgang decided to take a trophy home with him. Luckily there was a flatbed wagon as part of the train. It was a bit of a job hauling the Gorax carcass onto the flatbed and tying it down, but he eventually got it done.
The train then proceeded slowly backwads to Orven. They would be back the next day with a repair crew to get the rail line fixed, and the trains moving again. Plenty of time to find a taxidermist to stuff the Gorax!

Cool guys dont look at explosions

Wolfgang Human Cutthroat/Soldier played by John
Korra Human Aristocrat/Gun Mage played by Nigel
Hogsnort Rupert Human Knight/Priest (Morrow) played by Mark
Eric Johns HUman Soldier/Trencher– Justin
Enock Nyss Ranger/Urban Nomad played by Troy

A full crew for the first time! Yaaa! :-)

Last time we left the party, they were awaiting to ambush some force coming their way in the caverns connecting the Dwarven mine they were contracted to clear.
They spread out to either side of the tunnel entrance and braced themselves for combat. As soon as the troop of Dregg came into view they opened fire. Eric lobed a grenade down the tunnel, killing three, Korra shot one, and that didn’t leave very many for cleanup. Eric got charged, but managed to Parry his way out of combat, so Enock, Hogsnort could charge in. No one to be left out of the action, Wolfgang threw his axes into the fray, just as Hogsnort charged the same Dregg. The first axe flew wide, but the second hit Hogsnort square in the back. Luckily it bounced off harmlessly, unable to penetrate his heavy armour.
Hogsnort had a word or two with Wolfgang after the combat.
With that lot mopped up, they continued to explore the twisting and turning tunnel system (much to the frustration of Johns mapping, hehe). Following the trickle of water on the floor of the tunnel, they came upon another cavern. Here, nine Dregg held three dwarves captive. The party were ordered to put out their light and drop their weapons. They complied with the first order (two members having True Sight), but did not on the second. Enock charged into the fray, calving a foe nearly in half (Mighty archtype on the charge!), a hail of gun fire and spells dropped Dregg left and right. Hogsnorts Radient Burst was particularly effective, not harming the dwarves at all and the bright light greatly hurting the Dregg.
A rather large Dregg led several in a charge into the bulk of the party, grouped together at the entrance. Wounding Korra and Eric. One started killing prisoners.
Wolfgang and Hogsnort worked together this time to take down several foes. Wolfgang clearing the way for Hogsnorts maul to slam opponents into the wall.
Korra showed off her skill with her Rapier, while Eric shot targets of opportunity.
Altogether, it was a quick, bloody, yet efficient fight.

Two of the three dwarves were saved, and the party came into the possession of several weapons, and a pitiful amount of gold.
The two dwarves were very thankful to be rescued and informed them that the other captives had been painfully put of death in front of them. They started to escort the dwarves back to the mine entrance.
A noise in a side tunnel alerted them, Enock and Korra went to investigate while the rest escorted the dwarves back. Enock and Korra discovered another dwarf down a tunnel, working away at a ore face. He seemed little odd, and when they tried to conversve with him, discovered his mouth full of gravel and back ooze. Enocks claymore carved into its side but not enough to kill it (a first) The dwarf promptly tried to vomit gravel into Enocks mouth, but failed, and a well placed shot from Korra put the undead creature down for good.
Once the dwarves were back with their fellows, the heading back into the mine on last time to completely explore it and make sure all threats were removed. They quickly discovered the final tunnel leading out of the cavern where the captives were, ran a short way to the surface, coming out behind a large waterfall.
Satisfied that their job was done they headed back. But Wolfgang and Eric decided to blast the tunnel to make it secure. (Any excuse for making large explosions if you ask me). They grabbed some powder from the store room, set it in place, lit the fuse and ran like buggery! The explosion wasn’t a good as they expected, as they didn’t use even amounts of red and black blasting powder, but the tunnel was collapsed as planned.

Ghost in the Machine

Players for this session:
Wolfgang Human Cutthroat/Soldier played by John
Korra Human Aristocrat/Gun Mage played by Nigel
Hogsnort Rupert Human Knight/Priest (Morrow) played by Mark

Again a light crew, but the first appearance of Marks character, yaaa.

So when we left the party they had just found the corpse of a dwarven miner. One other thing they noticed about the body, the mouth was filled with gravel and a black ichor. Freaky!
So Enock (in his abscene) carted the body back to the entrance.
The party continued to explore the mine complex. Heading down the tunnel they entered a mining gallery, where various short shaft had been cut into the rock to retrieve ore. After exploring several of these, they stumbled across the Onkar. It was unsure of them to begin with, but once Korra spoke some Rhulic, and they fed it some metal, it was much happier. They enticed it back to the entrance, where the dwarves were very glad to see it again.
Returning to the mine proper, they continued to explore another gallery set. This time they discovered what appeared to be a breakthrough into another tunnel. This tunnel was a very different colour to the pervious mine workings, an almost white colour, very smooth and wet.
They double backed from here to explore the final dwarven section of the mine. This time they found another supply room. Here thou, they door had been smashed in, and two dwarven bodies were inside. The supply room contained coal, water and blasting powder. One dwarf had been shot, the other stabbed. Quite different wounds from the previous corpse. These bodies were also transported to the entrance by Enock.
Continuing on, they entered another gallery, and down on tunnel here they discovered a mining jack. It was stationary, its boiler long having run out of coal and water. First job, get it fired up again. Wolfgang put his new skill with jacks to use and got her up and running again. It immediately started to mine the ore face. I did not respond to Wolfgangs commands, but when Korra spoke to it in Rhulic, it stopped. They managed to command it to come out of the tunnel and turn around, where it promptly tried to attack them!
Not wanting to annoy it by attacking back, nor get in range of its punching spike or mattock, they beat a hasty retreat. Korra ran back to the entrance and asked the dwarves for override codes, returning, she employed these on the jack, getting it to stop. When they got close it again tried to attack them. When the commands were shouted it again, it looked like it tried to obey, but it resisted. In desperation, Korra dived past the jack, and threw a pistol round into the firebox, in the hope of extinguishing the furnace. The small blast slightly damaged the furnace, enough to force a Machine Wraith from the jack!
A Machine Wraith is a ghostly creature that possesses jacks and turns them on the living. Korra’s Magelock pistol rang out, damaging the creature, but not as much as she expected. Hogsnorts divine power nearly annilihilated the Wraith, one final shot from Korra finished it off. Phewl!
The jack was then obedient, and returned to the entrance with no further problems.
There remained only one more thing to do, explore the new tunnel. Stepping thru the breach, they noticed how smooth and damp this tunnel was, it curved around into a large cavern where they managed to sport a creature lying in ambush. It fired its rifle but missed, Korra’s return shot did not. The corpse of the creature was very unusual, skin stretched thin over bones, a large protruding muzzle. A creature known as a Dregg. The sound of shouted voices and hurried movement greeted them from another tunnel. The shots had been heard, and the enemy were on their way…..

Digging in the Dirt

We had to skip 17th Feb session as I was out of town.

Players for this session:
Enock Nyss Ranger/Urban Nomad played by Troy
Wolfgang Human Cutthroat/Soldier played by John
Korra Human Aristocrat/Gun Mage played by Nigel
This week’s crew was a bit lighter than usual, but we decided to press on anyway.

Upon entering The Boiler Room, the party were greeted by a rather unusual interior. Instead of the usual fireplace along one wall, this tavern has a very large boiler. The boiler has dozens of pipes leading off it and into each of the upstairs rooms, behind the bar and to various other locations.
The boiler supplies heating and hot water to the entire establishment.
Yes, running hot water in your room!
The place is kept very hot, winter and summer. It’s how the patrons like it.

Serving behind the bar was Hiln Whitnock, a middle aged dwarven woman, and also the owner. She recognised Shedwick and the train crew and placed them at their usual table. She welcomed the party to The Boiler Room, and the drinks began to flow.
Looking around the room the party noticed that the clientele were almost totally Steamos, froundy workers, arcane mechanics and the like. No one was armed like they were.
Wolfgang, Cpt Garrity, Shedwick and the rest of the crew got into some serious drinking. Conor retired very early, he will most likely take some time to recover from his wounds.
Enock (being Nyss) suffered the heat in the common room badly. Maybe it was that, or maybe he just cant handle his drink, either way he was soon giving the floor boards a cuddle. 
Korra enjoyed a glass of wine or two but restrained herself.
Among the general hubhub of conversation, they overheard two conversations that seemed unusual, two men at a table close to theirs mentioned someone they called Old Man Singrit. Saying the crazy old coot he was offering a reward to the return of a Mechagargoyle.
The other was a conversation at the bar between a dwarf and Hiln. The dwarf mentioned that Clan Lakestone’s silver mine wasn’t being operated. The mine was quiet, with no work going on. Very unusual.

The next morning dawned bright and clear, a wonderful day for a hangover. 
Cpt Garrity was up early to wake up the party, he looked a bit worse for wear, but was still the thorough professional.
Korra was asked to his office. With Cpt Garrity was a dwarf that Korra recognised from the train the day before.
Cpt Garrity introduced him as Galter Iceholdt. Galter had some trouble informing Korra of his problem, but after seeing them in action on the train was convinced they were the right people for the job. Galter is part of Clan Lakestone, the most prominent Clan in the dwarven enclave in Orven.
They have had some fatalities in their silver mine and needed the mine secured so work could resume.
He needed utter descression. They would be paid a premium to keep quiet about their work. Rival Clans were looking for any excuse to bring Clan Lakestone down a peg or tow, and commerical contracts could not afford to be jepodised.
The party need to complete the following tasks:
• Secure the mine, eliminate whatever has been causing these attacks
• Rescue any survivors (6 dwarves are still missing)
• Retrieve a labourjack in the mine
• Retrieve an Onkar that was in the mine.

For their time, the party will be paid 500gp each.
Korra visits the Quartermaster to requisition some gear and assembles the team (including Mark and Justins absent characters), and head out with Galter to the Lakestone Clan’s silver mine.
It’s not until the are nearly at the mine at Korra informs the rest of the party of the mission.

While there is little activity around the building at the mine compound, it is still guarded by several ogrun, two of whom escort the party below ground.
They come to a side shaft that has been sealed off with heavy steel door, and is guarded by two dwarves. Their Galter informs them of the password to get back out the door and wishes them luck.
Once thru the sealed door, the mine shaft slowly climbs upwards until it levels off at a cross roads.
They begin to explore the complex of tunnels, first finding an unoccupied barracks room, a supply room and a very large cavern that had been mined in the past.
There is no sign of survivors, bodies, struggles or anything out of the usual.
They begin to explore the final main tunnel when the party ask Korra for details on their mission.
She informs them of their objectives (above), to which Wolfgang and Enock both say
“Whats an Onkar?”
“What, I thought you’d know?” replies Korra.
Enock and Wolfgang quickly return to the sealed door and converse with the guards to discover what an Onkar is.
Turns out an Onkar is a slightly smaller than man sized beast, two legged, kinda ugly and scaly, which eats minerals. The dwarves use them to seek out rich veins of ore.
Right, back on track! (kinda)
Returning to the previous tunnel, Enock in particular is unhappy with Korra’s command and is on the verge of being insubordinate, making remarks about the possibility of not everyone getting out of mines. Tempers are starting to rise among the party when a strange noise is heard further ahead.
Despite this, their arguing resumes, until they heard a scuttering noise of movement.
Creeping around the next intersection, they spot the body of a dwarf face down on the ground. On closer examination he has two fatally large puncture wounds on his back, probably made by a heavy pointed object. He has been dead for some time.

Session 2 - Skiggs on a M***********g Train

Player for this session:
Enock Nyss Ranger/Urban Nomad played by Troy
Gundar Human Ranger/Rifleman played by Justin
Wolfgang Human Cutthroat/Soldier played by John
Korra Human Aristocrat/Gun Mage played by Nigel
Mark was unable to make this session, and Logan will not be able to game with us for the next month or so.

So when last we left the party, they were on the scene of a ‘transaction for female company’ which went pear shaped.
Not ones to take things easy, Gundar rocked up with his rifle and blew the head off the first mugger. The prostitute grabbed her customer and stabbed him, Connor went down bleeding. In the distance, the call for the Town Watch went up. The rest of the combat was short and bloody, very quickly dead criminals filled the alleyway, with the party bearly taking a scratch.
Battlefield triage was applied to Connor, enough to stabilise him.
Not wanting to answer awkward questions with the Watch, the party legged it back towards The Wandering Jack. But they weren’t quick enough, the Watch spotted them. After answering said awkward questions, they found out that the thugs were from a well known gang called the Dragonfish. The prositute was called Josephine, her and her brother run the gang.
Luckily there was a bounty on her head, making the party 100gc richer.
Back at The Wandering Jack, Shedwick gave Connor a good slapping (“Keep it in your pants boy”)and they all retired to the accomodation house for the evening.
Korra got up early to collect the bounty, the rest of the party had breakfast and headed to the train to start the prep for the return journey to Orven. This time they were hauling a load of blasting powder and alchemicals for the mines.
After an uneventful first half of the journey, they stopped at Ironhead Station, and collected a passenger car full of miners. Korra and Wolfgang joined the miners, while Cpt Garrity and Enock kept watch from the crowsnest of the barracks car.
About half way to Orven, a sudden explosion rocked the train, saving Wolfgang from a game of dice that had gone horribly wrong.
They were quick to rush to investigate the cause. Korra and Wolfgang moved forwards along the train, Enock and Gundar moved towards the rear. Five cars stood between the two halves of the party. Each group found nothing in the first two cars they each searched, but when they came to opposite ends of the last car, they knew the trouble had to be there. Opening the door of the final car carrying blasting powder, they saw over turned and empty barrels, blasting powder scattered everywhere, and a score of Skiggs.
Skiggs are funny little creatures unique to the Iron Kingdoms, they used to be fairly common, they were even house pets at one stage. Rodent likke creatures about the size of a small dog. They have one major problem, they love to east blasting powder, its like catnip for them. Oh and once they’ve eaten some powder, they have a tendency to go BOOM if shaken, stirred or hit repeatedly with sharp or blunt opjects. Uh oh.
Not ones too back down, they waded in into the car and started braining Skiggs. Enock hit the first one which promptly blew up in his face. Luckily there was no powder nearby, and that explosion killed another Skigg but also injured Gundar. A nearby Skigg attacked Gundar, but didn’t injure him, nearly ate his ammunition. The party quickly stowed there powder outside the car
This combat was very different to the last one, the party were severely out numbered and essentially playing eack-a-landmine in a powder room. It was very tense. Every time I rolled to see if the Skigg would explode, the room went silent.
Luckily no more Skiggs exploded.
They did get decidedly feral thou, severely mauling several party members. Their little bites were coming so thick and fast that Gundar went down under a pile of the little blighters.
Once the car was cleared, the desperate task of stabilising Gundar began. Time was running out, was his lifeblood poured from his body form a hundred tiny bites. After a few failed attempts, Wolfgang, Korra and Enock just managed to stabilise him.
Gundar received some severve scarring, but with a decent amount of time to recover, he should be fighting fit again.
Investigating the car, they found several barrels that contained no blasting powder, but plenty of Skigg crap and lots of scratch marks. Under the like of one of these barrels was the initials CRS.
After reporting this all back to Cpt Garrity, the Captain, mentioned his old war buddy, Brunner Kerrigan had just won a contract to provide security for the Caspian Rail Society. Hmmmm
A very relived crew, passengers and party arrived safely at Orven station.
The miners gave the party a round of applause and a few bottles of spirits for their good work.
Cpt Garrity and Morgan Shedwick both offered to shout the first round of drinks at The Boiler Room, the train crews local.
Much excessive drinking was had by all.

Session 1 - Maiden Voyage Part 1

3rd Feb
Most of the evening was taken up with Character Creation, but at the end of it we still had some time so we lauched into the story.

The party consists of the following:
Korra, a well to do human lady, with a like of spells and guns (Gun Mage/Aristocrat), played by Nigel.
Enock, a male Nyss looking to use his wilderness skills in his new environment (Ranger / Urban Nomad), played by Troy.
Gundar, a male Cygnarian who is out to make his fortune soldiering (Ranger/Rifleman), played by Justin
Wolfgang, a male Khard, far from his homeland, but looking to earn some coin with his axe. (Cutthroat/Soldier), played by John.
Mark and Logan were unable to join us for this session.

The other thing the players needed to sort out was a name for their Mercenary Company. After several minutes of throwing around random and combined names, one came up which everyone liked – Kingdom Express.
Yes, that’s right, this campaign just went Futurama!
Hmm guess that makes me Professor Farnsworth.
“Good news everyone, you have to deliver this enema to Lord Toruk”

Kingdom Express is based in Orven, a mining town in the central mountains of Cygnar.
After breakfast one morning, the company is called to assemble in the exercise yard by Cpt Garrity, their commanding officer.
“Men, I have some good to news to share. We have won a lucrative new contract, one that will be an excellent opportunity for each and everyone one of you, and the Company as a whole. We will now be providing security for Steelwater Rail. From now on, every Steelwater Rail train that steams between Orven and Caspia will have a contingent of Kingdom Express on board.
Accompanying Cpt Garrity, was Artis Denby, from Steelwater Rail. Who welcomed the company aboard.
The party was scheduled to guard the Lodestone on its trip from Orven to Steelwater Flats the next day.
The next day they boarded the train, and met the crew, led by Chief Engineer Morgan Shedwick
Morgan briefed them on the travel plan, taking ore down the line, overnighting in Steelwater and returning with blasting powder then next day.
The barracks car with crows nest is just behind the engine and coal car.
The trip down to Steelwater Flats is quite scenic, but takes around 8 hours, with a short stop in the underground mining city of Ironhead Station.
The trip is uneventuful. Pro tip – take goggles when in the crows nest.

On arrival in Steelwater Flats, the train is unloaded. Korra sights a shadow under the rear of the train, which puts them on alert, but it turns out to just be a street urchin looking for food.
Once unloaded the crew head to The Wandering Jack for a few ales. The Kingdom Express accompany them, with orders for Cpt Garrity, to be friendly but keep the drinks on the low key side.
When they enter The Wandering Jack, Cpt Garrity, is hailed by a table of Mercenaries. It turns out to be an old war budddy of his, Brunner Kerrigan and his merc crew (Vasili, Tassar, Gil, Emeil, Delvar). Wolfgang joins Vasili ( a fellow Khadoan) for a few drinks)
After a meal, they notice that one of the engineers has left the tavern, Conor. Shedwick says he gone to “purchase the company of a lady for the evening”. Enock looks outside for Conor, sees him having an argument on a street corner with a lady, then disspears down an alley with her.
He signals the others, and is joined by Korra, and Gundar. As they approach the alley, 5 shadow move in around Conor……

GMs thoughts: Alot of talk on my part, setting the scene for the campaign. Sorry, not much action lads, but that will change.

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