The Iron Highway

Digging in the Dirt

We had to skip 17th Feb session as I was out of town.

Players for this session:
Enock Nyss Ranger/Urban Nomad played by Troy
Wolfgang Human Cutthroat/Soldier played by John
Korra Human Aristocrat/Gun Mage played by Nigel
This week’s crew was a bit lighter than usual, but we decided to press on anyway.

Upon entering The Boiler Room, the party were greeted by a rather unusual interior. Instead of the usual fireplace along one wall, this tavern has a very large boiler. The boiler has dozens of pipes leading off it and into each of the upstairs rooms, behind the bar and to various other locations.
The boiler supplies heating and hot water to the entire establishment.
Yes, running hot water in your room!
The place is kept very hot, winter and summer. It’s how the patrons like it.

Serving behind the bar was Hiln Whitnock, a middle aged dwarven woman, and also the owner. She recognised Shedwick and the train crew and placed them at their usual table. She welcomed the party to The Boiler Room, and the drinks began to flow.
Looking around the room the party noticed that the clientele were almost totally Steamos, froundy workers, arcane mechanics and the like. No one was armed like they were.
Wolfgang, Cpt Garrity, Shedwick and the rest of the crew got into some serious drinking. Conor retired very early, he will most likely take some time to recover from his wounds.
Enock (being Nyss) suffered the heat in the common room badly. Maybe it was that, or maybe he just cant handle his drink, either way he was soon giving the floor boards a cuddle. 
Korra enjoyed a glass of wine or two but restrained herself.
Among the general hubhub of conversation, they overheard two conversations that seemed unusual, two men at a table close to theirs mentioned someone they called Old Man Singrit. Saying the crazy old coot he was offering a reward to the return of a Mechagargoyle.
The other was a conversation at the bar between a dwarf and Hiln. The dwarf mentioned that Clan Lakestone’s silver mine wasn’t being operated. The mine was quiet, with no work going on. Very unusual.

The next morning dawned bright and clear, a wonderful day for a hangover. 
Cpt Garrity was up early to wake up the party, he looked a bit worse for wear, but was still the thorough professional.
Korra was asked to his office. With Cpt Garrity was a dwarf that Korra recognised from the train the day before.
Cpt Garrity introduced him as Galter Iceholdt. Galter had some trouble informing Korra of his problem, but after seeing them in action on the train was convinced they were the right people for the job. Galter is part of Clan Lakestone, the most prominent Clan in the dwarven enclave in Orven.
They have had some fatalities in their silver mine and needed the mine secured so work could resume.
He needed utter descression. They would be paid a premium to keep quiet about their work. Rival Clans were looking for any excuse to bring Clan Lakestone down a peg or tow, and commerical contracts could not afford to be jepodised.
The party need to complete the following tasks:
• Secure the mine, eliminate whatever has been causing these attacks
• Rescue any survivors (6 dwarves are still missing)
• Retrieve a labourjack in the mine
• Retrieve an Onkar that was in the mine.

For their time, the party will be paid 500gp each.
Korra visits the Quartermaster to requisition some gear and assembles the team (including Mark and Justins absent characters), and head out with Galter to the Lakestone Clan’s silver mine.
It’s not until the are nearly at the mine at Korra informs the rest of the party of the mission.

While there is little activity around the building at the mine compound, it is still guarded by several ogrun, two of whom escort the party below ground.
They come to a side shaft that has been sealed off with heavy steel door, and is guarded by two dwarves. Their Galter informs them of the password to get back out the door and wishes them luck.
Once thru the sealed door, the mine shaft slowly climbs upwards until it levels off at a cross roads.
They begin to explore the complex of tunnels, first finding an unoccupied barracks room, a supply room and a very large cavern that had been mined in the past.
There is no sign of survivors, bodies, struggles or anything out of the usual.
They begin to explore the final main tunnel when the party ask Korra for details on their mission.
She informs them of their objectives (above), to which Wolfgang and Enock both say
“Whats an Onkar?”
“What, I thought you’d know?” replies Korra.
Enock and Wolfgang quickly return to the sealed door and converse with the guards to discover what an Onkar is.
Turns out an Onkar is a slightly smaller than man sized beast, two legged, kinda ugly and scaly, which eats minerals. The dwarves use them to seek out rich veins of ore.
Right, back on track! (kinda)
Returning to the previous tunnel, Enock in particular is unhappy with Korra’s command and is on the verge of being insubordinate, making remarks about the possibility of not everyone getting out of mines. Tempers are starting to rise among the party when a strange noise is heard further ahead.
Despite this, their arguing resumes, until they heard a scuttering noise of movement.
Creeping around the next intersection, they spot the body of a dwarf face down on the ground. On closer examination he has two fatally large puncture wounds on his back, probably made by a heavy pointed object. He has been dead for some time.


what is this insubordinate thing you talk about. I have the right to talk to the hunting pack leader and to say my mind. stupid monkey not under stand Nyss ways.

Digging in the Dirt
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